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Giving life to our Desires

            So, we decided last week what we wanted and who we were. We explored our personal power and what exactly that means for us individually. Let’s explore a little bit about how to take exactly to get what we want. Witches posses the inherent ability to control and manipulate energy. Our world and our individual realities are all made up of different energies. The quickest way to bring something we want into our life is to bring that energy or vibration into our lives. There are many ways a witch can draw upon certain vibrations. Using something called Correspondences or time tested things that all have similar vibrations to the intention. For example: Rose Quartz is a Stone that is a correspondence for Love because they resonate at the same frequency. You can use Rose quartz, pink candles, heart shaped totems, or anything that has the same imagery or power of love. This can all vary from witch to witch because sometimes different things have different meanings for some people. In example if you Love someone and that person gave you a gift or you have a picture of them you can use that also in whatever work you are doing for them.
         The other way is affirmations. Affirmations are a powerful tool for witches (or really anyone). Since we have the ability to command energy, an affirmation can be used to command certain energies into your life. They are used in all sorts of work. You can use one in Spell work; you can write a daily affirmation that you say everyday. The trick to affirmation is like I said to command the energy to do what you want. It is generally said in a authoritative voice and many people teach to say it in the present tense. If you are writing an affirmation for health you would say something like “I AM healthy!”, bringing the energy of healthy into your life to heal you. Bringing things into the NOW is a good technique for not just affirmations but in all aspects of your life. Focusing your energy and intent on the now helps us to create realities in which we want instead of lingering in a reality of the past or dreaming of something that may never happened. This can be a key point in working with the power of affirmations.
            Our next important part is not necessarily about bringing things into your life but rather gratitude. The universe is vast and wide, being connected to the energy of gratitude everyday is a positive life changing energy. If you are looking for a simple overall improvement in your spiritual life everyday practice Gratitude everyday. One of the first things my mentor taught me was to be grateful for what is already here in our life. Honor the spirit, honor our gifts, honor the divine, and if you can’t find anything to be grateful of then be grateful for the sole fact that you are. It is especially important to be grateful when even the smallest of steps are taken to get to what you want. That smile from the person you are trying to get the attention of romantically. That time they called you just to talk. Give thanks for anytime you feel an improvement in your health. For more complex things like being able to step on the break in time to avoid that car that ran the red light. All of these things are little gifts from the divine and when we accept these good things and give thanks by putting positive energy out we are more likely to attract positive energy towards us.
            These things can all be used together and often highly affect in a short period of time when combined and used everyday.


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