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Introduction to Witchcraft

This is a serious of posts that I am going to be making about Witchcraft and a tutorial on it as a beginners guide.

Witchcraft is a broad term that covers a large and expansive set of practices. There are a few misconceptions about witchcraft that I would like to cover first. First, Witchcraft has nothing to do with the Christian versions of "satan" or the "devil". In fact in most cases Witchcraft and Christianity have no connections at all. The second most common misconception is that if you are a Witch you are automatically a "Wiccan" which is also not true at all. Wicca is a religion that follows a set of guidelines and religious beliefs. Witchcraft is a Spiritual practice. Witchcraft is about finding your own personal power and following whatever spiritual or religious believes that fit the best for you. What sets Witchcraft apart from other spiritual practices are as follows: 
  • A Witch is someone who uses the power of Magick, the spirits, their own energy. They are guardians of power and work with the inherent abilities of all living beings on the planet. They direct and control the natural forces of energy and the Spirits to direct a certain intent.
  • Witches believe in Magick (spelt with a 'k' to differentiate from stage show magicians). Magick is basically the existence of an underline current of energy that is present in all of life on our plane of reality and the ability to control that energy. It is an inherent ability of ALL witches to be able to use this 'energy' to direct will and create results
  • Witches do not have to work with gods. However, if they do they choose the gods that they feel most comfortable or connected with. Since witchcraft is about that individuals spirit there are many witches that believe that they are their own creators of power and choose to affiliate themselves with no gods. 
  • Witchcraft can require certain tools to represent certain energies. These are things like Candles, Ritual daggers called Athames, incenses, totems or statues representing a certain type of energy the witch wants to call on, staves, swords,  animal totems. The list of tools that a witch can use in their craft is completely up to that witch. If it feels right to them, they use it. This book will explain many of those tools.
  • Witchcraft is NOT just for girls. The term Witch is for both male and females. Because a "Witch" is a completely different thing than a "Wizard", "Warlock", or "Druid". 
  • For me, Witchcraft is about uncovering and using your personal power and intent to affect or create certain outcomes. 
Witchcraft is not simply defined by the things above, because it is a personal journey and the journey of each person will be entirely different. Witchcraft is truly about the person who practices it, and they will use it however they see is a benefit to themselves. Everyone has the inherent ability to be a witch, because being a witch is about being alive. Some are more open to it than others, and it comes much easier to certain people than others. It is true that there are people who are simply born witches, and by themselves have this ability unlocked already. But if ever someone wants to unlock their own personal power Witchcraft will come easily to them. It is not a craft to be trifled with, because out of all the crafts named previously, it is one of the most powerful. It can be used with helpful intent or darker intent depending on the wielder of the power.
Another thing about Witchcraft is that it is truly an ancient craft. It is as old as the awareness of ourselves. It is something to not fear, but also to not be taken lightly. Your power and how you use it defines you. Having power can be a good thing but also poisonous if you are not careful with the knowledge that is given to you. Being a Witch truly means that the ancient powers are with you, you walk in a world much older than you can even believe, and if that does not frighten you, then I bid you welcome and merry meet....


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