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Happy Solar New Year

As we welcome in the Solar New year, we are blessed with the powerful and positive energy of change. The ending of a passage around the sun to begin a new one is no small event, just as the ending of the seasons to welcome a new one. The Solar New year is the perfect time to openly welcome the positive side of change into our lives. Even though some people are afraid of change, it is a fact of life that there is GOOD change. This is also something the Temple of Hecate teaches. When we are aware of the events of our lives, it is very easy to see and ask for were change needs to be made. This can be about ourselves, or even our environment. Positive changes can be made by simply asking for them. Today, write a small list of the positive changes you want this year. This can be in the forms of Resolutions, or affirmations. You can make a spell of it if you’d like. As the new years ball drops be aware of the changes in your life that you’d like. Bringing this changes into your awareness at such a magnificent energy change will help boost them into action. Try to stay as sober, and aware of the night as possible so that our judgment isn’t impaired and our ability to stay focused isn’t lost. And as Always, Drive safe, and enjoy your evening. Have a Happy New Years. J  

Housewife Withcery: A simple Room Cleansing Spell

A simple Room Cleansing spell

For this spell you will need

·       A White Tea light Candle
·       Dried White Sage
·       A broom or small handbroom
·       Lavender Oil (optional)

Just as with any other cleansing spell, you will need to clean the room before you cast. Clean the room to the best of your capabilities. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but negative energy lingers in things that haven’t been moved much, and are collecting dust.
After the room has been cleansed Light your sage and Smudge the entire room. You can buy White Sage at most metaphysical shops, if Dried White Sage is not available to you, you can buy the herb fresh or in powder form and mix it with water. This sage water can be sprayed or flicked around the room. Make sure you smude the entire room. Use your hand broom to get the smoke into all the corners, behind furniture and under tables. Walk the room three times, smudging the room completely each time.
Once this is done, light the white candle and walk the room with three times continuously repeating:

“With the white light,
Of this candle burning bright
I cleanse this room
Of all negativities this night”

Once you are finished put the candle in the room somewhere safe, and allow it to burn down completely. You may wish to place it in an oil burner with some Lavender Oil to freshen up the room as well. 

What is a Moon Lodge? Ramblings from a Moon Lodge

What is a Moon Lodge?
Ramblings from a Moon Lodge
A Monthly blog about Moon Time By Fae Kieran

            Moon time is how many witches refer to their Menstruation Cycles. It is called Moon Time because it is said, that not only does the Moon affect the ebb and flow of the oceans but also the Menstrual flow of blood. The waters of the womb. It is also called moon time because it generally happens every 28 days, like the phases of the moon.  Much of today’s society curbs Moon time under the category of “just dealing with it”. We take a lot of medicine and stuff our bodies with chemicals and the gods know what else just so we can function properly. And while I am all on the bandwagon for functioning normally we as a society have all but forgotten the spiritual and sometimes necessary purging and healing woman should go through during their moon time. Let’s face it, it is part of nature. No matter how much midol we take, it still sucks. But there ARE a few things that you can do that will usher in surprising results.
            In ancient days, woman of a tribe or village would gather during their moon times and they would be taken care of by the elder woman and younger maids (to young for puberty) of the village. During this time, they would bleed on the earth, throw it into the fire and with it cast away their pains and discomforts. They would speak ill of their husbands, laugh about the small things, cry over the big things, scold their children, and so on and so forth. All in the dedication of their gods and for a higher spiritual purpose. Now a days women are nothing but scolded at their attitudes. They are called several names, and there is no excuse for her behavior. Yet, what if this is what a woman is SUPPOSE to do? What if this is all just a natural cycle of her healing? Women have a lot of responsibilities that are taken for granted, and often over looked. More often then not, they are the ones who cook, who clean, who take care of children, who create energy and supply it for those around her. Modern Feminism would have you believing that these things are only for a Neolithic society. While this still holds true, I think these things are part of what makes the female…female. The Divine aspect of life of the goddess on this planet.  The Goddess lives within each and every woman, and to nurture her and care for her is to accept the divine feminine in each of us. This includes Moon Time.

            I could ramble on for hours about the divine female, the degradation of women, the idea of modern feminism versus feminine spirituality, and the subjugation of moon time by the patriarchal society we live in. But I won’t this time. Moon time is a sacred time for women. It allows us to purge our bodies of the negativity that we have sucked up and collected over the last 28 days. This can be done in any way we see fit. We can either let nature take its course, or there are a few things we can do that provide both spiritual AND physical relief.

The first is, to take care of ourselves. As a spiritual advisor and teacher my first prescription for any patient or charge is, take care of yourself. Your body is a temple for the soul. It is the only body you will have for this entire life time. So, that puts it on the of the list. Only put the best you can find (and in some cases, afford) into your body. This means, no processed foods, no sugars or caffeine and nothing addictive like drugs or alcohol for the duration of moon time. All of these things have a massive negative impact on the functionality of your body and energy flow. Now, there are several alternatives, and none of these things are set in stone. If you’re the type of person who CAN’T live without morning coffee don’t deny yourself morning coffee. Perhaps drink a smaller cup, or even decaf. If you deny yourself anything, you begin to crave it. This begins a negative cycle and the downfall of all the work you put into it because people generally tend to then scarf tons of what they are craving for. Defeating the purpose of everything you are working for. This method will work for most of the things I listed. I’d try your best however, to stay away from *all* drugs and alcohol. Unless you have a prescription from your doctor that is necessary for your well-being. Stay away from recreational uses of drugs or any mind altering substances.  This can have negative impacts on your brain and energy patterns that actually increase the side affects of PMS.

Next, I strongly recommend some sort of daily exercise on top of some sort of spiritual exercise like yoga. Daily exercise can help to alleviate cramps and allow your excess energy to be released. On top of spiritual exercises that allow for the flow of energy to move through you’re chakras. This doesn’t have to be Yoga. Tai Chi is another alternative. If you’re not hot on the exercise, try going on a solitary walk with nature for approx. 30 minuets. I would add a daily meditation to the mix, it doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Ten or Fifteen minuets listening to some relaxing music is all it would take. I suggest also getting into the routine of grounding and centering several times during the day. Along side the benefits Grounding and Centering has for you energy flow, it can help keep those rising emotions quelled when they begin to peak over the edge.

My last bit of advice for this column  is writing. This is something else I prescribe quite a bit of. Unfortunately in today’s society we don’t have the benefit of public moon lodges for women to go to and “Let it all out” so we have to use what is readily available to us. Whether that is a blog like this, or your own personal journal is all up too you. Getting it all out is a very helpful and age old tactic that healers have used for centuries. Have you ever been really upset, told someone what was bothering you, then suddenly felt a ton better? That’s the subtle magick of getting-it-all-out. Consider yourself lucky if you have a friend or loved one you can use as a shoulder and an ear, because not everyone does. This simple technique takes some practice. You can’t simple write “I am upset, bad day” and expect everything to be better, although that is a good start. And remember you’re not J.R.R Tolkien or J.K Rowling here. You don’t have to write an award winning and time lasting novel. It could simply be a paragraph of incoherent ramblings. It isn’t important.

            Moon time for women is not just “that time of the month” it can be turned into at truly prolific spiritual experience every single month. It is all up to us. The female is a sacred vessel, and everything she does serves its purpose to not only herself but to the whole of divinity and life. 



            The word “Witch” in it self is practically impossible to describe in its fullest. It requires so much more than just spells, herbs, and the phases of the moon. And no matter how hard anyone tries, the true meaning of the word is not ever going to be written down. The reason for this, is because it is about self-explanation, self-discovery, self-knowledge, and self-love. The word will continually change as it has over the years and as it will continue to in the years to come. As more knowledge is unlocked, as human consciousness continues to grow and expand. The word will grow and change. It is a word that encompasses many of all paths and a sense of age old knowledge mixed with the new lessons being learned by young witches today.
            Witchcraft its self is a spiritual path. It is not a religion. However, there are religions that are made up of witches, the followers of Wicca for one. Witchcraft is not bound to anyone God, or set guide of standards and rules. There is no one book that all Witches believe to be their rules, and there is no limit as to the different types of culture that any one witch can use in her practice. All of these things makes the term Witch broad and vague. A witch may pray to the Gods and goddess of Ancient Greece one moon phase, and at the same time lay out an offering for the old Celtic Gods. It is limitless. Each witch picks pathes and cultures that she herself feels connected to. It may be from her heritage, or just her favorite place in the world. There are many similarities in all the worlds’ religions so mixing and matching them together to fit what works best for you is the best way to work the magick.
            Taking up the mantle of witchcraft comes with responsibilities however. Any body can become a witch, but not everybody will appreciate the powers and the gifts that we are naturally born with. As witches, it is our birth right to attune ourselves to the powers of natures and to teach and learn that throughout our lives. We should honor the gods in all the work that we do, knowing that when our work is completed and our time to pass in to the Summer Havens comes, the world is even just a fraction better because of our time on it.
            Being a witch is about loving who you are. Yet, that is still only a part of our cause on this planet. We must learn about the Goddess, what she really is and of her consort the King of the Woods. The God and The Goddess surrounded by lore buried so deep into every religion, sometimes we hardly know where they are. Each has changed over the ages and with the different cultures, knowledge of the universe, and spiritual awareness. A Witch must learn the phases of the moon, and the individual powers that it possesses. She must grow and learn about life, death, and rebirth. She must listen to voices of those who came before, her spiritual guides, and the Gods who guide her path. She may want to learn to read the stars, or gaze deep into a scrying glass or read the cards/runes. She should learn the language of the trees, hear the chirp of the birds and buzz of the bees, to be aware that each animal has a message for her. She should understand that her feelings are a blessing, and that her body is a temple, a temple for her spirit, which is part of the goddesses great light. She should learn that the secret is her will, which her world is shaped by this secret and power. Above all she must learn Faith, and that everything happens for a reason.
            It is with this, that only the beginning of the word Witch is described.

Day 32. A favourite piece of Witchy Artwork.

It makes me giggle. Because its true.

Day 31. A favourite witchy movie

Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman are both my favourite actresses

Day 29. Water Element

Water is my primary ruling element, and dragons are my favourite mythological creatures.

Day 28. A Witchy I want It now

I Want the handmade charmed book of shadows from Tallpoppy Studios , for a completely novel reason. I loved watching the show growing up, and I still love it today. 

Day 27. A picture of Nature. Elemental Earth.


Daily Witchery: Turning the Mundane into Magick

Daily Witchery:

A lot of witches preach “Daily Witchery”. They emphasize the correspondences of the days, the colors, the positions of the moon, and make it a practice to have affirmations, meditations, and gods know everything else they can think of. But, time and time again, I’ve been asked what IS daily witchery? Why is it important for a witch to do these things? And this is always my answer. It’s not. It’s alright ladies…unbunch your stripped stockings and listen to what I have to say.

I fancy myself a “Housewife Witch”. Most of my magick is so…simply mundane that there is barely any thought or effort put into it…but at the same time it is uniquely abundant and the results are almost instantaneous. Most witches will tell you that Magick is beautiful and simple, and it doesn’t require spells, rituals, or the like. Life, is magick, and daily life can be just as magickal as YOU the witch want to make it. Yes, I still honour the gods with Ritual, I do a little spell or charm from time to time, and I practice affirmations. But only for as long as I need them.

Many people go out of their way and try to practice “A spell A day”. And I commend these brave witches, and am glad they have the supplies and means to bring such wonder into their lives daily. However, not every one of us can do that. Who has time for daily spells, or the means to supply themselves with the required materials for such all the time. I don’t know about you, but buying a red candle to light every time its “Aries Day” would get a little expensive after a while. Us modern day witches have houses to clean, husbands and children to care after and feed. Animals to bathe, feed, and play with. And lives to live. Plus catchy and witty Witch blogs to write! ;)

So…what do we do then? How do we find time to mix and mingle with daily witchcraft when we are so busy living our daily lives? The solution is simple: Make your daily lives more magickal! I know what you’re thinking “What? Faewynn, now you’re just not making any sense.” Well how about this…when you are sweeping your floors (or vacuuming them) have you thought about this…You’ve charged your Ritual Broom/Besom to cleanse away negativity what about the rest of your cleaning supplies? Who says we can’t charge a vacuum to “suck up” all of the negative energy in the house? As long as we dispose of the vacuum bag properly who will ever be the wiser? “Mom, why are you always vacuuming?” Are you vacuuming, or taking an active step to make your house more peaceful and negativity free? Especially if you have to deal with angst ridden or emotional roommates or children.

Taa-daa! See, know you’ve turned a mundane and everyday task into something magickal and wonderful. And You’ve barely lifted a finger differently. Clever aren’t you! Know I’m sure you’ve got a billion new simple ideas just waiting to be explored. How about sewing on little magickal symbols on to cleaning cloths and using lavender water to spruce up countertops after cleaning? When you’re making dinner, why not create or say a little charm to bless the food or after words give a small portion of dinner to nature outside? When you’re spending time with your animals are you trying to bond with their energy to help make it part of your own? Have you ever thought you can use this energy for different magickal purposes just like animal totems? When you’re spending time with your children or your husband is your time devoted to loving and caring about them? Do you try to connect, talk, learn and teach from each other? Even this is a simple form of magick that you can get into the practice of doing. There is a reason the dinner table is such an important place.

My Housewife Witchery can be as simple or complex as I make it. You don’t even have to be a housewife OR a Witch. Magick is in everything I create. From the candles I burn in certain rooms, to the herbs I put in the food I cook. From the time I spend with my Boyfriend and Friends, to every day when I sit here on the computer during my alone time relaxing, and writing to you. Did you know, writing could be a spell? Even simple journaling can have such a powerful effect on your life, that it brings about drastic changes. Not a writer? That’s okay to. You don’t have to be J.R.R. Tolkein to be able to write about your day.

Even in your workplace, there are simple and little magickal things that can be done, like a coffee break can be a time used for magickal grounding and centering. If you’re greeting people, is it done with a smile? One of the ones that can brighten peoples days and turn them around? Even the simple effort of completing a task can be turned magickal. All you have to do is look.

This simple magick is easy and can be made almost readily available with little or no new supplies to your daily life. Out of everything I suggested, there is *maybe* only one thing you didn’t already own, The Lavender Oil to make Lavender Water. This simple form of Magick teaches us that we don’t have to perform Daily Magick, but that magick is a daily occurrence in our lives. Even the breath in your chest is a gift, and can be turned from mundane, to unique if channeled into Grounding and Centering. From the Broom in your cleaning cupboard, to the spice rack already in your kitchen, magick is there. All you have to do, is pick it up and use it. Blessed be. J

` Faewynn Lunaise

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Daily Witchcraft

Today the Moon is in Pisces. My ruling sign. Pisces ruling heavenly body is generally accredited to the watery planet Neptune, however since Pisces is water, the Moon plays a huge influence on the constant ebb and flow that a Pisces lives. When the Moon is in my sign, it is always a harder day than normal. Since Pisces are primarily emotions when the moon pulls on me, it can either benefit me greatly, or leave me lacking sorely. It is even worse when this happens during my Moon time (which luckily, I'm not in). For others the Pisces moon can also be beneficial or not. You may experience inward thinking on how you feel about many things, and your focus might turn to how others feel about you. Pisces moons are good for spells of love and affection, and also spells of healing both inward and outward. And remember if you find yourself over reacting to the small things, just ground and center and rethink "Should I really be getting this upset?" Burn candles of light blue, and soft calming incense when the moon is in Pisces to calm the ever turbulent Pisces waters.

Day 26. A Witchy Podcast

A Darker shade of Pagan 

^Link above. )O(

Day 25. How do your close ones feel about your Witchy Path?

Do they know? Why, or Why Not?

I was, extremely lucky and unfortunate to have been born into a family that was already Pagan and followed an Earth Worshipping Path. I know that, and have been told that by tons of people. I know so many people whose parents don’t know, or even…they spouses don’t. And this isn’t something I could live with. I have had so much support from friends, family and lovers throughout my life, and sometimes I’m easy to forget how lucky I am.

Although, my family doesn’t call themselves witches, they still do worship the goddess and god. Each in their own way.
Witchcraft was something that I discovered myself and simply applied to my own inherent gifts, abilities, and beliefs. 

Day 24. Moon Sign

Day 24. Moon Sign. Sagittarius. :) The Archer, which is cute...because Aretimis is one of my goddesses, and I love bows. :D

From my Natal Chart
More than anything, Lunar Sagittarians have a need for personal freedom and space. They are extraordinarily happy and easygoing folk, as long as they don't feel caged in or cooped up. Lunar Sagittarians have a simultaneous need for activity. Meeting new people, going out in the world, and travel are all important to their sense of well-being. They love open spaces, and, in their homes, a roomy and bright environment. There's a bit of a teacher in Moon in Sagittarius, and definitely a helpful spirit. They easily forget appointments and the like, and some are even considered irresponsible. However, it is hard to stay angry at a Lunar Sagittarian! They are so cheerful and upbeat, and their optimism is catchy.

Day 23. A favourite Candle

Currently my favourite candle is the Lavender and Vanilla Candle from Glade.

Day 22. Current Moon Phase

The Current moon phase is actually Waxing. A Waxing moon is the most commonly used for any type of  positive spellwork.

Day 21. A Favourite Scent

Day 21. A favourite Scent 

Lavender is a strong, but subtle blessing in my opinion. It has several magickal afffects, and several holistic purposes. It is my go to scent for anxiety and stress relief of any kind for anyone.

Day 20: A picture of a Tarot or Oracle Card, and its meaning.

Tobaira of the Waters:

Tobaira is the card of healing, empathy, and all emotions. She is one of my favourite cards, and has a fantastic connection with me. She is the Queen of Water and she plays the role of healer, teacher, and companion (sounds familiar). She is also about giving and receiving equally, teaching us that healing is a two way street

Day 19: Fire Element

Day 19: Fire Element

I got to thinking Thursday night, when I posted about fire I said "It doesn't really resonate with me" I wasn't really thinking clearly at the time. Yes, I am a water element, and fire isn't really something I go out of the way to worship, i just never realized how much fire or fire energy I actually use. I use a lot of candles during rituals, and I do a lot of fire burning rituals. In fact, one of my favourite altar piece is a Lantern. Hecate carries the Lantern, and she holds it at the crossroads. She offers you light for you path. And it wasn't until I was walking the circle with my lantern around the circle, that I actually realized how significant Fire actually was to me.

Day 18: Have you had any Paranormal Experiences?

Day 18: Have you had any Paranormal Experiences.

I think, there is far to many to even name. I have been seeing, feeling, and hearing, more than just spirits since I was very little.
When I was younger, I often stayed in a very large, very old Plantation house near Ponce Inlet that my step fathers parents owned. In the middle of the house there was a large room that probably was used for ballroom dancing’s or some other sort of gatherings in days long, long past. It had been carpeted, and we now used it as a room for storage. However, this room connected to three medium sized bedrooms, (about 8 by 12 each) These rooms where probably used for different social gatherings as well or perhaps powder rooms or something similar. However, I know undoubtedly these four rooms were “haunted”. I can’t tell you how many times I heard music just coming from the walls of the ballroom. I was asked, many times Why I was dancing and spending time in this room, My reply was most often “I was dancing to the pretty music”.
However, the other three rooms, I was absolutely terrified of, to the point where I had to tell my mother and stepfather to lock the doors because it made me feel safer.
Upstairs in this house, there was three bedrooms, and a bathroom, a large middle area (directly above the ballroom). I had the far bedroom, my sisters room was directly next to me, and my parents had the master bedroom at the top of the stairs. Across from my sisters bedroom, across the large middle room there was a smaller room. I was also terrified of this. I always could see an image of a taller middle aged man standing in the door way. I am almost certain that this was a butler/servant quarter.
On top of that, I spent the better part of my years there, terrified of my own room. Not because of any spirits, but because when I was laying in bed, I could hear very distinctly the sound of little feet literally pattering around. I commonly saw things that I called “Rat Men”. And It would scare me to the point where I would be crying, and when my mother would come in to see why, she would look around and see no rats anywhere. Years later, I realize now that I was living with goblins. They never hurt me, and I’m sure now that there initial intent was to simply play with me. Mischievous as they are they have a tendency to gather around Faery Children and scare them. Nowadays, I freely welcome them, and other Faerykind in all the places in my life.
There have been many more accounts, of friendly ghosts, restless spirits, dark shadows, angry souls, playful sprits, mischievous fay, and my fair share of mythological creatures.
I have been fortunate enough to been able to deal with them each in their own ways, and never have any issue with them. I consider myself very lucky and gifted in my ability to communicate with them, and I owe a great deal to some of them for what they have taught me. 

Day 17: A Picture of Nature Fire

Day 17: Picture of Nature Fire Element
This one was hard for me, Fire doesn't resonate with me very well, being a Water Element. So I figured I'd use a bonfire

Day 16: Facvourite Witchey Websites

Day 16 Favourite Witchey Websites.

I don't particularly have any specific Witchey Websites, I have a few Witchey Blogs I read, and then there is Cybermoon Emporium which has a lot of very cool Witchey things. If I should ever get enough money to buy really cool Witchey clothes It would be from the Pyramid Collection website. Of course, i love writing in my own blog, which could be considered Witchey. I gather my Witchey things from various websites, Including pagan/witch pictures from Deviantart, music, invocations, dances and plenty of world knowledge from Youtube, and Holistic Remedies from all over the internet including And of course, Facebook, where I connect with many many witches.

I consider myself a traditional witch, however I would be completely lost without the use of the internet. I think, even the most traditional witch has at one time used the internet for something. At least nowadays. Witches are infamous for being able to make the most mundane thing magickal, its what makes us Witches. We should be able to utilize the environment and the tools that we have to better learn and practice. This, in my honest opinion, includes the internet. I don't think I would join or be part of A "NeoPagan" Coven that only practices over the internet, all though I'm not discrediting is simply that this idea doesn't really resonate with me.

Sorry I haven't been posting

Not to mention how hectic the holidays are, I've also spent the better part of this last week quite sick. I will be posting all of the 44 days of Witchery that I've missed, along with a DarkMoon Balefire spell, and some more things. As soon as I'm better I'll get back into the rythem of things. Hope everyone's Thanksgiving was enjoyable.

Day 15. Thoughts of the Afterlife

Day 15. Thoughts on the Afterlife.

It is unsure whether or not the inhabitants of Tir Na Nog can die however according to Celtic Myth, the Well of Cerridwenn that provided the Faery with their immortality was destroyed by humans during the war. When the Elves and the Celts die, it is said that they pass into the land of the Setting Sun, The Westerland, The Gray Haven (As Tolkien Called it), The Summerlands, or as the Druids called it "Annwn". In Ireland, All of the entrances to the "Faery Mounds" Or burial tombs point towards the setting sun.

Day 14: A Favourite Pagan Holiday

Day 14 A Favourite Pagan Holiday.

My favourite pagan Holiday Is the Autumn Equinox. Fall is my favorite season, I love the changing of the trees (although It doesn't happen that much in Florida). I love the energy that it brings as well. It's sort of a Calm relaxing breathe, as the air gets cooler and the veil between the worlds starts thinning.

Day 13: What are some Witchy Books that Influenced you.

Day 13: What are some Witchey Books that influenced you?

I have read several books on the subject, but a few of the ones that helped me define my version of Witchcraft are:

-Grimore of a Green Witch, Ann Moura
-Solitary Witch, Silver Ravenwolf
-The Green Wiccan Herbal, Silja
-Cottage Witchery, Ellen Dugan.
-Moon Spells by Diane Ahlquist (Borrowed from Oracle)

Most of my knowledge has been adapted from Priestesshood, or the Internet as well. I have also spent a lot of time writing and working on my own Books.

Page from a Witches Book: Cleansing, Consecrating, and Empowering

Cleansing, Consecrating, and Empowering Magickal Tools
A Magickal Blessing and Binding.
By Faewynn Lunaise Evenstar

Witchcraft can be a very tool heavy practice, and then sometimes require very little tools. Either way you should always cleanse consecrate and empower your magickal tools. Even if you are 100% sure of where they come from. Here are some CCE Tips:

·         The Phases of the moon are important for various types of Cleansing and Consecrating. Before CCE, leave your new objects or stones out in the light of the moon (Or lack there of). Sprinkle a mixture of blessed water on the tool as well
·         Perform CCE on Full Moon for Light Aspect Tools, and on the Dark Moon for Dark Aspect CCE. You can also perform on the proper Waxing or Waning of the moon.
·         You may want to write a specific blessing that binds the tool to you. Or you may want to write a specific spell to charm the object with an enchantment (I.e like protection or healing) You can write a general all encompassing blessing or make a specific blessing.
·         If you choose, once a year you can rebless and CCE all your tools.
·         After you CCE for the fist time you can then inscribe any magickal symbols you desire, including your magickal name.

Light Aspect Cleanse Consecrate and Empowerment Spell.
To be used for CCE spells for any Light Aspect Magick
Any magick with positive intentions or things that benefit you or someone else
Such as: healing, courage, protection wisdom, knowledge, strength, or love.
 Also use the Light aspect Empowerment for all your regular tools.

Perform this spell after the Circle Casting is Complete and at the appointed time during Ritual/Esbat

***You will need***

·         A white altar candle
·         Representations of the four elements
·         Sage
·         A Pentacle (Can be drawn)
·         Optional: A tool-specific blessing

Set up and place the materials on the altar. Place the Pentacle on the middle of the altar the white candle above it and in a half moon shape place the four elements around the pentacle. To The left of the white candle Water, Then Fire. To the Right of the white candle Earth, then Air.

Sage the object fully.

Cleansing and Consecrating

      If you have not done so light the Altar Candle, and the incense and the Fire Candle. Place the Tool to be blessed on the Pentacle, and raise your hands above you.

“By the might o’ gods above,
And in thy names o’ trust an love
By thee words of Witches Rune,
And by thee light o’ fair moon”

Pick up the tool, and cover it in blessed water.

“Cleanse this too, for mine own use,
By ebb of tide as ocean moves,

Pas the tool over the Earth and take some salt in your hands
And smudge the tool with it

“Pass to thee, they strength of earth,
Grace of tree and use of worth,”

Pass through incense

“Float with will, by magick thought,
assist in the work that I may wrought

Final move through the flame of the fire candle

“By Passion of Fire, doth I imbue,
in thy light I maketh new.”


      Return object to the Pentacle. Close your eyes and breath as if you were grounding and centering. Draw Energies from the earth and the universe for a few seconds. Now Open your eyes, place your hands above the tool and channel this energy into the object.

“Hear thine words, by witches wise
Empower this tool before my eyes
Give to thee, strength, power, and will
So it may no longer lie still.

Give to thee Divine Power
On this, thy sacred witches hour
Work for me, and my own,
My clan of heart, hearth, and home.

Bound in love trust to thee,
And as I will so shall it be.”

Exstinquish  white altar candle, incense and fire, before opening the circle transcribe any magickal symbols or names. Then, say Item Blessing. 

Day 12: A picture of Nature (Air)

Coffee and Cards

Days Outcome: The Faery who was kissed by Pixies – This Card is love. Pure and simple. Unfettered and unbound love. This love is about both giving and receiving. Morna, the faery displayed on the card is the Queen of Love, all kinds of love; Brotherly, sisterly, parental, friendly, unconditional or conditional. She is about using the power of love to help open our hearts. One of her main jobs is to remind us to love without conditions and to be sure that when we do feel love, we are centered within ourselves. We should not loose ourselves in others so completely that we can’t let go of them. She reminds us that everything and eceryone in Faery glows with is own light, and so do we. “Much of that light is the glow of love” Jessa Macbeth writes. She says remembering that is important. Applying this to myself isn’t always simple. Today, I will probably get a lesson in this, or I will be able to complete this energy in my life. Allowing for the flow of love and light. 

Days Energy: Strength- A pretty self-explanatory card. The strength card is not only about physical strength but the strength of will. Triumphing over something that almost seemed impossible or, WAS thought impossible. It can also mean, the strength of stability. What may appear weak in form, can overcome weakness if one has mastery of herself. This is how the Maiden is able to tame the lion. In essence she is “Lion-hearted” In Character. 

Day 11 Witchey Tools: Oils

Day 11. Witchey Tools Oils- I specifically love oils. I love to make my own, and their magick is so simple, they can be added to water and sprayed around the house as air fresheners and a simple way to bless homes quickly. There are so many types of oils and so many ways to use them I couldn't even begin to explain them all in great lengths. My favorite oil to use is lavender, because not only does it have a millon and one holistic remedies and uses, but it also has just as many magickal uses.

Day Ten: Rising Sun Sign- Pisces

Imaginative and sensitive
Compassionate and kind
Selfless and unworldly
Intuitive and sympathetic

On the dark side....

Escapist and idealistic
Secretive and vague
Weak-willed and easily led

Pisceans possess a gentle, patient, malleable nature. They have many generous qualities and are friendly, good natured, kind and compassionate, sensitive to the feelings of those around them, and respond with the utmost sympathy and tact to any suffering they encounter. They are deservedly popular with all kinds of people, partly because their easygoing, affectionate, submissive natures offer no threat or challenge to stronger and more exuberant characters. They accept the people around them and the circumstances in which they find themselves rather than trying to adapt them to suit themselves, and they patiently wait for problems to sort themselves out rather than take the initiative in solving them. They are more readily concerned with the problems of others than with their own.

Day Nine: Favourite Mythological Creature

Sirens are one of my absolutely favourite Mythological Creatures, and for the Longest time I associated quite a bit with them. At least the Darker Side of them. Most people just view them as temptresses however, the specific Norse Mythology of them views them as creatures of great sadness, their song while still extremely tempting is also a lament. A Lament for their lost lives and lovers, as Siren themselves are born from women who take their lives in the ocean or die in grief after their lovers are taken by the sea.

At one time, I wrote a poem called "Spirit of the Sea" It was about a Siren who had lost her love and tried to love countless times afterwards but every time her touch would just turn men cold. It was written during a very dark time in my life, where I was really sad. Unfortunately that poem has been long since lost

Changing a house into a home.

If you read my daily cards yesterday, you can see that the focus of yesterday was change. So todays post will be just about that; Change. You can ask anyone, I hate change. If suddenly something changes, I get all worked up and upset. It may be because, as a water element I just prefer slower change. However, not ALL change is bad. Even I know this. Some change, including sudden changes are necessary for the benefit of yourself and the many. Sometimes change teaches us lessons, sometimes it offers us opportunities to better ourselves and the people around us.
    Currently, my boyfriend and I are living with some roommates. Both, pretty good friends of ours. However, my issue with this is it doesn’t feel like home. You know, that feeling you get after a long days of work and you sit down with your feet up and you go…”Ahh…”. Well, I don’t get that here. And it is frustrating. I like living with them, it is a good opportunity for me. Its cheap, clean, accessible, and the people are good people. Yet, I can’t make it my own space. Which, is something else that water elements like to do. Have their own space. Everyone else’s energy is always buzzing about, they’re always leaving it floating around and about. On top of that, it was the house that both roommates grew up in, so they feel a claim to the space. Leaving me just feeling like a guest.
    Although, this is the place I live. This SHOULD be my home. So, I’m going to work on changing the place to an energy that we can all feel comfortable with. I just bought a book called Cottage Witchery by Ellen Dugan, one of my all time favorite book, but my original copy seemed to have walked away. With the help from the book, some of my own magick, and hopefully cooperation from my boyfriend and roommates I’d love to change this into, our home. At the very least, I’d like to make it so that I am comfortable.
With all the anxiety issues I have, on top of being an empath, I have the unfortunate habit of collecting and keeping all their negative energy and all their straggling sorts of buzzing vibes and keeping it. I do my best to suffice, wearing a hematite necklace, grounding and centering often, but just can’t seem to do enough to keep the house level. So I’m really counting on help from this book.
The good thing about Cottage Witchery is it’s a relatively simple prospect, and can be as cheap or as expensive as you’d like it. The main prospect is about attuning the house with the natural flow of energy of the earth, channeling that through ones “Hearth” of the house and rippling that energy outwards. This can be done by adding different elements of magick to different parts of the house.
    And these elements don’t specifically have to be spells or charms, it can be all about what colors you paint the walls, flowers you bring in, and candles you arrange. The way you move your furniture has an impact on the overall energy of the house, the Chinese have been practicing this, Called Feng Shui for hundreds of years. Magick is not all about spells or rituals. It can be so much simple and far more subtle than that.
    That is what Cottage Witchery is all about. And these little and subtle changes are what I plan do to help me adjust.

Daily Cards and Coffee

Days Outcome: The Friends: The Two faery in the cards are Nuff (the top one) and Laochan. They are always, always together. Not only do they show us the true meaning of friendship but they also say that Friendly cooperation is the result of both giving and receiving equally. My guess for the day is I am going to be using their friendly cooperation to help get something completed or finished. 

Days Energy: The High Priestess: The High Priestess is the well of the wisdom of nature, the spirit, the ancient practice of Healing arts, magic, and mystery. She teaches her wisdom to the world and offers up her knowledge to anyone who comes knocking. I have a very strong connection with this card, because I see myself reflected back at me. For today, my energy will resonate on the same level as the High Priestess. 

Daily Cards and Coffee

Days Outcome: Nelys the Alchemist: This Faery guide shows us change. She doesn’t necessarily make it happen, but she points us in the proper direction. To make an appropriate change, we need to balance the outside world with the inside world. Only then will a proper change occur. One of the things that you might say is “Wow! That change was unexpected, but it was exactly what I needed.” Today, I plan on being the alchemist and causing the change in my environment to change my inner world.

Days Energy: The Hanged Man. Much like the Death card many people associate The Hanged Man negatively. However, the exact opposite is true. If you look closely at the card you will see, that The Hanged Man is in no pain, in fact, he looks quite content for his position; some may even said he hung himself! The Hanged Man tells us to surrender to what’s going on around us, as it is personally good for us to have that change, and that only by this change can we open up into ourselves accepting intuition. He is about Inner Peace, faith, and Serenity rather than suffering and torment. 

Day Eight: A picture of someplace magical outside.


Daily Cards and Coffee

Days Outcome: O! That Gnome: That gnome is much like the Fool Card in Tarot. It describes the event of showing us how silly we are, generally in the form of some fairy trick or another. However, even after it was him who caused us to fall, he kindly helps us up and says “Now see, that was silly to fall for that, wasn’t it?” He is described as the only constructive force of chaos, because it is from his chaos that we learn of or true selves and not what others are expecting of us. Jessica Macbeth asks “Can you laugh at yourself sometimes, and let that laughter carry you into new insights and new ways of being?” because that is what That Gnome offers you. Things may not always be what they seem, but this is a good thing in this case. 

Days Energy: Eight of Wands (Swiftness); Something is happening fast, and you are being drawn a towards clear, and decisive direction. The Eight of Wands represents a very focused kind of motion and activity. “The Eights are all about structure while the Wands are about raw energy. Thus, the structure of the Eight creates a channel through which the raw energy can flow. You are so sure about your goal that all distractions have been removed and you can devote yourself to the task with complete concentration, determination, and will. This experience can be very productive, allowing you to accomplish a lot in short time.” Quoted explanation by
Biddy Tarot dot com

Day Seven. Elemental Air

Can you paint with all the Colors of the Wind??? 

Day Six. Your Favourite God

Day Five: a Favorite God.

My favorite God is Herne, for many many reasons. Originally the Priestesses of Avalon only worshiped The Goddess. However, they still recognized the God as an important deity, but he was the Idol of the Druids. The idea of the Celtic Horned God comes from the Druids, who believed that the spirit of nature and the forest resided inside Large Stags. It was a traditional and yearly custom that young druids would train to become great warriors and fighters, and when they came of the proper age (16/17/18 the exact age isn’t really known) for Beltane all the male druids would hunt down the Finest and Strongest Stag. Whoever killed the Stag received the blessing of the God, would be seen as Herne, and then he was able to bead a Maiden who was to be The Goddess.
I am very close to Herne, having seen him and felt him as I have the Goddess within me, To the point where, once when I was all alone in the forest near where I lived crying over something that happened He appeared to me and lead me through the trees and out of the forest. It was the must magnificent thing to ever happen to me. 

Daily Cards and Coffee

The pipers melody is the soft and subtle flow of harmony that connects us. Soft calling us towards him, sometimes seductively, and sometimes sweetly. The piper suggests that to get what you want, you should seek that harmony and tranquility with in you. Use his tenderness and gentleness. We should learn also to be aware of others subtle feelings, and show them compassion and empathy. Others may be listening to you with sensitivity and clarity, so much that they may hear what we are saying more clearly than we do ourselves.

“A sense of honor and satisfaction at the resolution of an important matter. Triumph after great struggle. Jubilation at the hearing of good news. The realization of hopes and desires.”


Day five: A Favourite Goddess

Day five: A Favourite Goddess

One of my favourite goddesses is Hecate. Especially currently in my life, when I’m standing on the crossroads, and working on getting rid of a way of life that I wasn’t proud of. Hecate is the form of the goddess as crone. She stands at the crossroads of mysteries and guides us from one parts of our life to another. She has been know by many other names, Sekmet, Morrigan, Arianrhod, and so much more. Her mysteries are of the cycle of life, she teaches of not only ending 
But of gracious and new beginnings.
  Worshipping in Hecate’s temple, is the worship of the unknown, the acceptance of the shadow within, and the very essence of magick that we all live in. Do no approach Hecate with fear, for if you have fear, then her mystery is not for you for she is that which is attained when the last of your fears are released. She is power, ecstasy, the Sacred Woman, the weaver of Time and keeper of Secrets.
All wisdom was taught by Hecate, for she has lived, died, and lived again, hundreds of times. She passed her 
mysteries onto the witches, and taught them their inner strength and power for she is the Queen of Magick,.
The symbols of Hecate are Owls, bats, scorpions, and snakes. She wears the black veil of night to represent the shadow of the dark moon. She is often depicted standing at a Crossroad, or in front of a dark mysterious gateway to represent not only her mystery, but also her jobs as both Gatekeeper and Passageway. 

Breakfast with my Cards: Daily Oracle and Tarot

The Singer of Initiation is all about finally overcoming the trial. It may have been long and hard, but you over came it. This is similar to a Rune reading I received last night. This singers energy says, that you are finally ready to begin in the light of all that has passed. You are about to become something brilliant. Even though the road was filled with trials and errors, it has been over came to enlighten and enliven you. Hopefully this is a message about being able to over come all the issues that I have with the new course that I have set. You are passing into a new life now.

Ace of wands is all about seizing opportunities. It is the bursting bud that brings unseen hope. It brings this new energy into every aspect, and every part of your life. This is a time of opportunity. Once again, this day is all about putting my new life style at hand, and this card is telling me that the energy of my day will be from this. 

Page from a Witches Book: Anxiety Relief Correspondences.

Anxiety Relief Correspondences

-Herbal Remedy's
 These are things you can just make teas with or add to other flavors of tea to help you out: Lavender, Chamomile(what I use), Sage(you can also burn sage to help clear out the ickies) Marojam, Lemon Balm, Cat Nip (Proper, not bought at pet food store) Oats (plain oatmeal, which you can add things like strawberries or bannanas to) Linden Flower or Rosemary( Rosemary is another one you can burn. If you make it into a tea, put in in with something just as powerful and potent, like mint or something similar. It packs a punch.)

Burn Lavender Essential oils.  Also, and you may find this even more enjoyable, Orange peels and Mango Essential Oils. Take an Orange, peel it, and save both. You can choose to either burn the peels in a potpourri burner or place the peels in a small frying pan, cover them with water and slowly heat. This fragrant water will also help and can be heated up in oil burners. Eating Oranges and also Drinking Orange juice helps to raise your energy. Lots of good vitamins.

Grounding stones like Hematite. These are really easy to come buy, and pretty cheap at any metaphysical store. You can choose to have a hematite necklace or a stone you carry in your pocket. But be careful, if you give off or are around to much negativity it will shatter. If this ever happens, bury it in the earth.

The pressure point on your wrist is called point P6. Firmly press while inhaling deeply for as long as you can. Remember it’s about two thumb *widths* away from the bottom of your palm, not lengths. It is the pressure point in between the two lower arm bones. If you need help finding it, I’m sure the internet can show you.

-Food Therapy.
This one is also more important than I thought it was at first as well. But, think about the expression "You are what you eat" If you only put bad into your body (processed foods, sugars, chemicals) you are only going to give out bad. And trust me, its hard. Caffeine and sugar are my life... these aren't something that you need to have absolutely NONE of, but limit your intake. Like me, instead of drinking nothing but coffee and caffeinated tea, I can drink one cup of coffee and a decaffeinated all natural tea like Green Tea. Rule one of *any* healthy diet. Don't deny yourself the things you makes eating properly SO much harder. Just limit the intake and consume it with caution and awareness. Try eating all natural foods. They don't necessarily have to be "All Organic" or top of the line because those things tend to be expensive. Try looking up healthy meal portions and eating smaller portions more times a day. Remember, don't skip any meal times. This can stress the body, and therefore your mind. Try to eat healthily and well rounded. :)
Also, try this almond milk recipe. You can buy almond milk, add ginger and nutmeg and warm it up; or you can make it by blending milk and almonds together in a blender. You only need about 10 almonds per cup of warm milk.

Daily Oracle and Tarot Cards

The Dark lady is about power. She is the High Priestess of all mysteries. She is very much the Crone aspect of the goddess. We only arrive at her feet by going through great trial, strife, and surrender. However once we are there, she teaches us profound spiritual lessons and secrets. This card is a very powerful card to draw today in conjunction with 11/11/11.

The Five of swords speaks of defeat. This card, is not necessarily referring to myself, but rather the energy I am being motivated by today. I am trying to Defeat the things in my life that I no long need. 
Basically, I think this reading for today is telling me that because of the energy present, today was the best day for me to start fresh and to overcome the past and the issues that It presented me with.